A Boogie Defends Having The Number One Album With Lowest Album Sales Ever


A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie's sophomore album Hoodie SZN hit number one on the album chart for the first time in its third week.

That's unusual. What's also unusual is that its sales plus streaming was only 57,195, making it one of the most modest number one albums of all time.

But what's most unusual is how many albums Boogie actually sold. Hoodie SZN was only downloaded 823 times (it hasn't even been released as a physical album), by far the lowest total for a number one album ever.

Boogie's not sweating that. Here's how he responded when DJ Akademiks brought up his dubious record.

#aboogie celebrated having a #1 album in the country and speaks on ppl tryna discredit how he did by saying he set the record for lowest actual sales for a #1 vs streams.

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"I don't give a f***, because I just went bazy. Good music, you can't deny that s***, that should live forever," Boogie said.

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