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Bobby Shmurda Accuses Rival Rappers Of Getting Him Shadow Banned On Instagram


According to dancin' Bobby Shmruda, there is a conspiracy to drive him off of Instagram by other rappers.

He broke down how that works in a couple of social media posts.

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"Hating a$$ MF's is blocking me off ig because they Boring artist they gotta push so much money into is dropping are they sound alike look alike ass is about to drop idk I don't even care I don't pay attention to them Boring ass Artist y'all gotta put millions up behind to look like a star them hoes ass n*ggas fah and still boring however they wanna shadow banned me because I don't wanna bend over and I'm about to drop this month.  I hope y'all paying attention to this bull sh*t," Bobby typed.

"They put they money up to block me off IG live cause I'm making Mf's smile too much they hate that they gotta put money up before they artist post to get millions of views they all cap for bum ass company's going broke trying to hold on to anything they could smh AND LAST HOWEVER NOT LEAST IMA ABOUT TO DROP SH*T THAT ABOUT TO DROP SHIT THAT ABOUT TO F*CK UP ALOT OF CareerS MF's wanna play with meeee okay.

Do you find Bobby's wild accusations credible?

And, if you do, could it be payback for ditching Epic?



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