BTB Savage's Mom Calls Out DJ Vlad After Her Son Is Murdered


Last week, BTB Savage's interview with DJ Vlad went live.

During the chat, the Houston-based rapper mentioned how he and his girlfriend shot a home invader to death in January.

Shortly after the interview dropped, Savage posted a bloody photo of the aftermath of the killing.

Later that afternoon, Savage was shot to death in his car.

We still don't know if the two killings are related.  But Savage's mom thinks VladTV did her son dirty.

"But VladTV edited that video and put in what he wanted to put in, you slimy son of a bitch.  Because I got the original in his phone baby, you fraud.  VladTV is fraud.  And I'm telling all of you African American rappers, leave that n*gga  alone .. they setting these rappers up."

Did Vlad do this?

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