California Rapper Zino Kills Two Girls On Instagram Live

By Benny Franklin

Raymond Michael Weber a.k.a. Zino, was arrested Saturday morning for killing two girls in an apartment complex, in VACAVILLE, California. 

According to Police, Zino went on Instagram Live around 12:30 AM Saturday morning and was waving a pistol around, all while standing over a female's lifeless body.

He went on to show that the clip of his gun was empty, and also showed two naked females who appeared to be dead.

The videos sparked concern from viewers, who immediately called the cops. 

After a short stand-off, the cops were able to gain entry and tasered Zino, and placed him under arrest. They discovered the two females' bodies during the search. 

Zino, who is a rapper, is the brother of Uzzy Marcus, a well-known rapper from Northern California, who has a long rap sheet of his own. 

In the video, Zino claims that the two females set him up, and his brother Uzzy was behind it. 

He faces two counts of first-degree murder and was also arrested on a warrant for multiple felonies, including domestic assault.

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