Colin Kaepernick's Deal With The NFL Was Much Less Than Reported


When Colin Kaepernick settled his collusion grievance against the NFL in February there was talk he got around $40 million.

That talk may have been way off.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the NFL paid less than ten million in total to Kaepernick and cornerback Eric Reid, who also sued the league for colluding against him because he had kneeled during the national anthem.


The Journal doesn't report how the money was split between the two players, or what each netted after lawyer fees.

Reid, who played last year, was able to sign a  $22 million, 3-year extension with the Panthers days after the announcement of the settlement.

Kaepernick remains unsigned. He had made $12 million in 2016, his final year with the 49ers and in the NFL.