Dallas Cowboy David Irving Quits NFL While Smoking Joint


Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving was hit with an indefinite suspension last week for violating the league's Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.

Yesterday, he announced that he was quitting the league because he opposed the NFL's drug policy.

If there was any question about which illicit substance he was suspended for, Irving smoked a joint while making the announcement.

"If I'm going to be addicted to something, I'd rather it be marijuana, which is medical. I do not consider it a drug. Rather than Xanax bars or the hydros or the seroquels and all that crazy sh*t that they feed you," Irving explained.

Irving then said the NFL's policies on weed are out of the mainstream.

"How many NBA players do you see getting in trouble about this? How many coaches? How many baseball players getting in trouble? How many UFC players? How many actors? How many people? Not many," he said

"Everyone questions my commitment to football, but let's get it straight, here and now, [...] I love football ... I wouldn't be here without it. Don't get me wrong, I love football. However, I don't love the NFL. The NFL is not football, you need to understand that. What you all see us do, the game and s---, that's, what, 20 percent of all the real s--- we're doing."

Irving makes some strong points. But would you give up millions so you could smoke?

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