FBG Duck's 'Cousin' Rapper BCR Meezle Killed In Chicago Area Hotel


BCR Meelze, the alleged cousin of FBG Duck has been murdered

The rapper was gunned down in Indian Lakes Hotel in Bloomingdale, Illinois, which is about 25 miles West of Chicago.

According to police, multiple people were shot during a hotel room gathering.  All the victims were taken to the hospital, where Meelze passed away.

“There was some type of incident that transpired from either one person from one group and one person to another but it appears that there were a couple of different groups attending different events at the hotel,” Bloomingdale Public Safety Director Frank Giammarese said. “I don’t know if it’s a party, I don’t have all those details, but it was a couple of groups of people and something transpired and that’s when the shooting took place, mostly in the hallways at the hotel.”

Duck died in a shooting five months ago.

RIP, Meelze.

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