Jimmy Butler Explains Why He Left the Philadelphia 76ers


What wrong between Jimmy Bulter and the Philadelphia 76ers has been a bit of a mystery.

Butler joined the Sixers mid-season last year and ultimately the young squad was Kawhi Leonard bounce away from a possible championship.

There was a lot of talk of running it back. That didn't happen when Butler, a free agent, made it clear he didn't want to return.

He addressed his issues in Philly with on JJ Redick's podcast. Reddick was also on the team last year's Sixers team. [Jump to about the 44-minute mark.]

"Somebody told me a main reason that I didn't go back was because somebody asked 'Can you control him?' Like 'Can you control Jimmy? If you can control Jimmy, we would think about having him back.' I was like 'You don't gotta worry about it. Sh!t, can't nobody f*cking control me.' For one, I ain't just out there doing no bullshit, but the fact that you're trying to control a grown man? Naw, I'm cool. Because I don't do nothing that's just drastically f--king stupidly crazy. I do not do that. So don't sit here and come at me with the: 'Oh, we gotta try to control him.' Nah, you good. Don't even worry about it. ... You ain't gotta worry about me coming. If that's what y'all worried about, if that's what y'all worried about, I think man, good luck to y'all."

Butler also confirmed there was a disconnect between him and the Sixers coach, Brett Brown.

If the Sixers and Heat meet in the first round, who would win?

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