Kanye West Releases three New Political Freestyles

By Benny Franklin

Kanye West is running for president, he did a rambling four-hour interview with Forbes, and his family is concerned that he is going through a bipolar episode

And that's not it...

On top of the interview, Kanye also dropped off three new freestyles with Forbes, and all of them were political in some sense. 

The first freestyle, This Is What The Covid’s Made, took a shot at Donald Trump, “ How about we stop hiding in the bunkers and be a real man?”

Freestyle number two, Thou Shalt Not Kill, touches on the death penalty, as well as the O.J. Simpson case and how it has affected the Kardashians.  

The last freestyle, This Is Earth, could potentially be his new campaign song. 

Are you digging the new Kanye freestyles? 

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