Kevin Durant Mocks Stephen A. Smith For Falling For Fake News Story About Nets


Ballsack sports, a parody site, ran a story about the Brooklyn Nets earlier this week.

The satire site fake reported that James Harden wanted out of Brooklyn because Kyrie Irving was whipping him in practice.  Harden was traded to Philadelphia for Ben Simmons and other pieces earlier this year.

"Kyrie beat James Harden 1 on 1 almost every day in practice, and Kyrie was barely even in basketball shape. It demoralized Harden," joked Ballsack.  "The breaking point came when Kyrie called Harden ‘washed’ after completely locking him up in one scrimmage. An assistant had to break up the two as tempers flared, and the relationship spiraled downhill from there."

While the website's name should have clued the reader into the joke, Stephen A. Smith was fooled and reported the satire on-air as a fact.

Nets superstar and social media enthusiast Kevin Durant flamed Stephen A. for getting tricked.


"Damn steve. Got ya ass," KD captioned the clip.

And Durant didn't even use his burner page for that one.

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