Kyrie Irving Issues Odd Statement After Being Mercilessly Booed & Mocked In Boston


The Celtics haven't really missed Kyrie Irving. Boston is 13-4 after defeating Irving's new team the Brooklyn Nets last night.

Kyrie missed the game with a shoulder injury, but that didn't stop the crowd at Boston's TD Garden from booing their erstwhile point guard every chance they got and chanting "Kyrie sucks" when the Nets had the ball. There were also signs calling Irving a "coward" posted outside the arena.

Irving reacted to the harsh treatment with a bizarrely philosophical message.

"It happens all the time and Tonight just shows how Sports/Entertainment will always be ignorant and obtrusive, It's one big SHOW that means Very VERY little in the real world that most people live in because there are Actually things that matter going on within it. Like figuring out a life that means more to you than A damn ball going through a hoop, or learning how to grow up being in a fish bowl of a society based on your popularity level as a person, or even dealing with becoming the leader of your family after someone's passing and not knowing how to deal with Life after it happens," Kyrie wrote, and then wrote a lot more.

Do you think Boston is actually better without Irving? (If so, shouldn't they be happy he's gone and they now have Kemba?)

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