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Lil Durk Responds To Backlash Over Remix of Logic's "1-800-273-8255"

By Daryl Nelson

A few days ago, we shared Lil Durk's "1 (773) Vulture," which is a remix of Logic's suicide prevention song  "1-800-273-8255. 

In the remix, the Chicago spitter turns the suicide prevention song into a street tale about homicide.

"Why the opposition calling my line?/ Telling me come outside / I would, but I know they lying /  My mama had a dream about me dying / I told her that I hope she lying / It's gon' be a homicide / It's gon' be a homicide / Fuck with Durk and they dying today," he says.

Durk's message couldn't be further from Logic's, and such a diametrically opposed take has sparked some backlash. Durk responded to that on Twitter this weekend. 

Do you think Durk's remix is offensive? 

And which version do you prefer: