Listen To A Preview Of JAY-Z And Nipsey Hussle's New Song

By Daryl Nelson

The film Judas and the Black Messiah opens on Friday, Feb. 12, and its soundtrack houses songs from Black Thought, Nas, Polo G and others. But there's a song from Jay-Z and Nipsey Hussle that's getting a lot of buzz, which is called "What It Feels Like." The two rappers were said to be close friends before Nipsey was killed in 2019.

"Look, the only reason I survive 'cause a n***a is special first / You get successful, then it get stressful, thirst / N***as gon' test you, see what your texture's worth / Diamonds and pipes, wonder when pressure burst," spits the late, great Nipsey.

Hov goes in too and corrects a line he delivered in the song "Murder to Excellence," off The Watch The Throne album.

"I arrived on the day Fred Hampton got mur—, hol' up / Assassinated, just to clarify further / What y'all gave birth is the chairman mixed with Jeff Fort / Big stepper on that jet with my legs crossed / Black stones on my neck, y'all can't kill Christ / Black messiah is what I feel like/ Sh*t ain't gonna stop 'cause y'all spilled blood / We gon' turn up even more since y'all killed cuz," rapped Jay-Z.

How are you feeling the preview?