Report: Alabama Player Darius Miles Murdered 23-Year Old After She Brushed him Off


Now-former University of Alabama basketball player Darius Miles was arrested early Sunday morning for capital murder after allegedly shooting 23-year-old mother of one Jamea Jonae Harris to death near The Strip in Tuscaloosa.

Michael Lynn Davis, who is not affiliated with the University of Alabama, was also taken in for capital murder.

Miles and Davis were in a car that opened fire on another car containing Harris.  The driver of that car said he returned fire, hitting one of the men.  Police say Miles was the shooter and got off 11 shots and that the driver of the other car did hit either Miles or Davis, but their injury wasn't life-threatening.

Police believe the shooting was the result of a minor argument between the suspects and the victims after they encountered each other on The Strip.

Harris's mom says the issue was her daughter brushed Miles off.


Update: Another report says Davis was the shooter but Miles gave him the gun.

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