Report: LeBron James Wanted Direct Match Up With Kawhi Leonard


The Lakers beat the Clippers 112-103 on Sunday solidifying their spot as the one seed in the Western Conference.

In the matchup, Lebron James outplayed his Clippers counterpart Kawhi Leonard.  

Leonard has bested Lebron (and the Clippers had defeated the Lakers) in the Los Angeles teams' first two games this season.

According to Lakers' assistant coach, LeBron wanted to take it to Kawhi on Sunday.

“People forget what he gets like after the All-Star break; he’s a different guy,” Handy said. “He’s preparing himself for that — that’s what you saw today and Milwaukee, you see him saying ‘Let me get myself and help my team in the right frame of mind.’ So for him diving on the floor for loose balls and taking the challenge defensively, that’s what you see. Last night I texted LeBron and asked him who he wanted to guard and he texted back, ‘I’m guarding Kawhi [Leonard].’ ”

Do you think LeBron can keep outplaying Kawhi, who's eight years his junior?

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