RondoNumbaNine Details His Improvements In Prison


Go back about 12 years ago, and RondoNumbaNine was a big part of Chicago's drill scene 

Then, he was involved in the revenge killing of a livery driver. In 2016, Rondo and his accomplice Courtney Ealy got 39 years in prison for the murder.

He'll be about 56 when he gets out, bearing early release.

Rondo's not letting that get him down and is focused on self-improvement.

"Ten years later in na joint eattin good, lawyer still on pay roll, working out getting fit, currently workin on getting my assoicates degree ion be f*ckin around!! HEAD ON," he typed on social.

He also revealed that Lil Durk is sending him more than $1000 a month now.

"Bro got tired of sending me a stack... he ask me what's the max I can get on my sh*t without paying rent, how real is that," he typed.

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