SahBabii Talks Wearing Upside Crosses and Whether He Worships the Devil

By Daryl Nelson

Last year the rapper and upside down crass wearer SahBabii argued with Offset over wearing upside down crosses

"All y'all niggas wearing upside down crosses, ya'll my little partners but stop that shit," wrote Offset. "Ya'll look lame. All that worship devil shit. Here with God, man."

The two went back and forth for a bit. Afterward, SahBabii said he regretted the argument. But that doesn't mean he'll stop wearing upside down crosses or let go of his beliefs.

"Unknownism is an ideology I created. I created that when I was like 8," he told Montreality. "It's just challenging and questioning everything. You don't know everything. It's always another answer to something. It's just basically seeking the truth. The upside down cross, Christianity, that was forced on my ancestors."

SahBabbi also said despite what people may think, he doesn't worship the devil. 

"I'm not demonic at all. I'm a very positive person. I help a lot of people,"he stated. "I don't do stuff on camera because I do it out of the kindness of my heart. But I really don't believe in the devil. I stay positive. I believe they're higher beings, but it's always questionable. Unknownism is just challenging your mind, think outside the box, always question things ... I'm not a devil worshipper."

What do you think about this whole upside down cross wearing thing in Hip Hop? Is it cool, corny or not a big deal?

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