Stephen Jackson & Matt Barnes Speak On Dwight Howard Getting Linked to Trans Orgies


The big gossip story in the sports world this week is Dwight Howard.

The Washington Wizards center was outed as gay by a former male lover, who also linked him to transexual orgies.

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are two of the more outspoken ex-NBA players and they chatted about the situation on Live.

Captain Jack went first and said he'd be cool with a gay teammate as long as they didn't bring it into the locker room.

If you chose to wood pull on your own time without disrespecting someone that's you," Jackson said.

Then he revealed that a few foreign-born players had engaged in questionable shower behavior during his tenure in Golden State, calling attention to a game Mickael Pietrus and Sarunas Jasikevicius played involving towels and each other's genitals. 

Barnes then offered his opinion on why Howard, who he played with in Orlando, never fulfilled his promise as GOAT-type player.

"I think Dwight is a good dude. But I think at the same time what held Dwight back from being great, was his mindset and his attention span. He was always playing.  Whether it be grab ass, cracking jokes, not paying attention."

"His sexual preference does not matter to me," Barnes added.

Check out the conversation at about the 3:30 mark.

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