Tekashi 6ix9ine's 'Gooba' Shatters Eminem's YouTube Record


Tekashi 6ix9ine has had a big 24 hours.  His Livestream broke the Instagram Live record for most people in a session with over 2 million and then his new track "Gooba" shattered the YouTube record for most streams in 24 hours with 43 million

He took the latter record from Eminem, who had set it with the Machine Gun Kelly diss "Killshot".

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#6ix9ine now owns the world record for having the most views in 24 hours on a hip hop video debut. Swipe left to see his backend YouTube stats 👀. Men lie women lie 😳😳

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Tekashi's good run was interrupted this afternoon when one of his neighbors exposed his address.

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Story via TMZ - Tekashi's attorney, Lance Lazzaro tells TMZ ... his client has been relocated in light of his address being leaked -- for security reasons, obviously. We're also told the feds were made aware of the move, so it's not like they went rogue. In any case, though, he's outta there. It's quite the predicament -- technically, 6ix9ne isn't violating house arrest by being out on the balcony ... it's the neighbors around him that doxxed him. That said, he should know better than just to get outside like that in the open ... it's just not prudent. And, only time will tell if the court has the patience for this kind of thing if it continues to happen. 11:40 AM PT -- And, here you go ... Tekashi's got a HUGE problem. Someone across the way took a pic of the rapper on the balcony and not only posted it, but posted the address as well. It's apparent the neighbor knew Tekashi was staying there, presumably because he's either been on that balcony before or has been out and about. Tekashi 6ix9ine isn't in the witness protection program, but he'd be smart if he started acting like he is -- which is exactly what he ISN'T doing by showing off his new digs. The rainbow-haired rapper has a new pic up on IG, and there's a lot happening here ... including a potential road map to his whereabouts while he's under house arrest and (seemingly) trying to lay low from gang members ... who are almost certainly out to get him. T69 isn't helping his own cause by posting this, showing himself posing on a balcony of some sort with a couple big stacks of cash. The money and goofy attire isn't even the problem here ... it's what's all around him that's concerning, and possibly even dangerous. Basically, you can kinda see where Tekashi's hiding out right now -- and while he doesn't show off a full exterior ... there's more than enough here for digital snoops to get an idea of where he's at -- obviously not something he probably wants as a notorious snitch. Now, we won't speculate as to where he is or what this setting looks like to us -- not trying to dime the guy out -- BUT we will say ... if we can take a wild guess, others can too. Be smart, kid. For your sake ... and for the

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Snitch9 had been staying in the Hamptons, a  Long Island vacation spot for the rich and famous.  Now he's been moved somewhere undisclosed.

Ya think he'll live to enjoy all of his success?



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