Trouble May Be In Trouble After Allegedly Tossing Woman From Car By the Wig


A woman who says she came to a New Year's Eve party as Trouble's date says the night ended when the Atlanta rapper tossed her from a car by the wig.

The woman became upset when she saw Trouble pinch another woman on the butt during the party. He ignored her protests, so she demanded he take her back to their shared residence.

He did, with a couple of cars of his friends following.  The woman got nervous and "feared for her life and called her sister so that she could know what happened before it happened.”

Shortly after, she says Trouble pulled over and tossed her from the car, pulling her wig off, chipping her tooth and bruising her knuckles in the process. A police report states her injuries were visible and she was taken to the hospital.  She says after the assault Trouble and his entourage sped off, ignoring her cries for help.

Trouble declined to comment on the woman's account.

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