With BTS In His Face, ScHoolboy Q Asks J. Cole About That Fake Stream Machine


ScHoolboy Q's new album CrasH Talk hits next Friday, April 26.

By then the charts should no longer be dominated by South Korean boy band behemoth BTS, who's MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA album dropped last Friday and is projected for an easy number one in its first week.

Nevertheless, Q is worried. So he jumped on social media and asked J. Cole about the notorious fake stream machine he referenced during his feature on the 21 Savage track "a lot."

"I'm not gon' lie to you," Q said on Instagram Story. "I've been number one in the country before and I'm not gon' lie, I want to go number one in the country again. F*ck all that number two sh*t dawg. These n*ggas hitting me up, this is the label, they hittin' me up talking about the BTS." 

"Let me get my little shine on for a week," he continued. "Then J. Cole, he tellin' n*ggas they fakin' they streams and the machines. Well n*gga, what was the machine called?! Everybody ain't got it like J. Cole. So J. Cole, what was the machine called that n*ggas is using for they fake streams because I want to borrow that mother f*cka. I'm trying to borrow. Let me see something right quick."

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