Yo Gotti's Mom's Resturant was The Scene of Mass Shooting Last night


Two are dead and five are injured after a shooting in front of Prive restaurant in Memphis, which is owned by Yo Gotti's mom.

One man was found dead on the scene and another died at the hospital.  The other five victims arrived at the hospital in private vehicles. 

The police believe the shooting started after an altercation inside the restaurant.  

Arthur Horne, the lawyer for Gotti's mom, claims the altercation started in the parking lot.


 “On behalf of Prive, they’ve been in business for ten years, and nothing like this has ever happened at their establishment,” Horne said.  "It happened out in the parking lot, and it ended up in a shootout. Nothing happened inside the restaurant. Despite any conflicting reports, they were closing, and this happened at the end of the evening in the parking lot.”

Police haven't announced any suspects.


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