Zion Williamson Explains Why He Almost Went Back To Duke

By Daryl Nelson

Zion Williamson recently sat down on the JJ Redick Podcast and said he was seriously thinking about going back to Duke University before heading to the NBA draft.

“Me, I wanted to go back. No one ever believes me, they think I’m just saying that. But no, I really wanted to go back," said Zion, who's yet to play his first NBA game due to a torn meniscus. "I felt like the NBA wasn’t going anywhere. The money thing, I don’t play for the money. I play because I love the game. I just loved my experience at Duke that much to where I wanted to stay. But it was one of those situations where Coach K isn’t gonna let me come back because he wants me to do what’s best for the family. My teammate would’ve said it would be dope for me to come back, but at the same time they’re telling me I would be leaving too much. I didn’t work this long to get to that. It was tough.”

There had been reports after the Pelicans got the number one pick that Williamson, who hadn't signed with an agent, might remove himself from the draft and return to school.  They were mocked at the time, but it seems like there may have been some truth to them.  

What do you think about Duke's Coach K pushing Zion to take care of his family instead of being a Blue Devil?

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