Allen Iverson Says F Jason Whitlock & His Daddy


Allen Iverson is trending today after his Up In Smoke episode with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

During the chat, he went off on a media hot taker, widely assumed to be Jason Whitlock.

"It's one guy, I know you know who I'm talking to. I know you hate me and trust me I don't hate nobody. Yes I do, I hate you," Iverson said, and then confirmed he wasn't speaking about Skip Bayless but was speaking about someone like Skip Bayless. "The way you hate me, motherf***er I hate you too.  I'm not even gonna mention your name because I don't want the world to know I give you that type of love.  Oh, and you and your daddy."

It's widely assumed AI is talking about Jason Whitlock, who's been on his case for years.  (Whitlock's late father was a well-known Indianapolis club owner and ladies man.)

What do you think?

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