Antonio Brown Runs The Completely Wrong Way Out Of Jail

By Benny Franklin

It's been one hell of a month for Antonio Brown.

The ex-NFL star went from being on top of the world to being jobless and locked up for supposedly beating up a delivery driver.

He inally got released today on a $100,000 bond but has to forfeit his passport, firearms and wear a GPS ankle bracelet. The judge also ordered Brown must undergo a mental health evaluation and abide by all of the ensuing recommendations.

During his release today, you can see AB leaving the police station as his lawyer lets the media know that he will not be answering any questions. During all of this, AB decides to start sprinting across the parking lot. 

The only problem, he was running the completely wrong way. 

His attorney screamed at him to tell him the car was in the other direction, but he kept on running, eventually coming back and upset, telling his attorney not to talk to him like a chaperone. 

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