Boston Celtics' Coach Ime Udoka Facing Signficant Suspension From Team


Boston Celtics' coach Ime Udoka took his team to the NBA Finals in his first year as a head coach.

Suddenly his second year is in jeopardy.

Check out this Wojo Bomb:

"ESPN Sources: Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is facing possible disciplinary action – including a significant suspension – for an unspecified violation of organizational guidelines. Discussions are ongoing within the Celtics on a final determination," Wojnarowski typed.

If you are wondering what in tarnation Udoka did to have his own team turn on him like this, nobody knows for sure.

But this random-seeming Tweet that was in front of Wojo's by an hour may have a clue.

"if there’s one person who will never get fired for sleeping around, it’s ime udoka," typed Twitter user juan benet ramsey.

While juan doesn't Tweet often or have many followers, he knows an awful lot about the NBA salary cap, suggesting it may be an insider's burner account.

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