Chance the Rapper & His Former Manager Are Suing Each Other For Millions


In December, Chance the Rapper's former manager Pat Corcoran sued him for $3 million in unpaid commissions.

Chance the Rapper struck back last week, filing his own lawsuit against Corcoran for trying to sully his reputation and for taking kickbacks.

“Mr. Corcoran has been paid in full under his management services contract with Mr. Bennett. Yet he chose to file a groundless and insulting lawsuit that ignores his own improper self-dealing and incompetence," said Chance's lawyers in a statement. "Mr. Bennett has moved to dismiss the majority of that meritless lawsuit, and filed his own lawsuit to remedy the harm that Mr. Corcoran caused through his breaches of duty. Mr. Bennett trusts the legal system to reveal the truth of the parties’ relationship in due course.

According to Chance's lawsuit, Corcoran -- who he called a  “hanger-on at the fringers of the rap music scene in Chicago" -- “sought to extort kickbacks from merchandise vendors by threatening that Mr. Bennett’s businesses would not hire the vendor unless the vendor gave Mr. Corcoran an equity interest in the vendor or made a payment to Mr. Corcoran or one of his businesses."

Chance also disputes the part of Corcoran suit in which Corcoran claimed Chance didn't take his advice on Chance's The Big Day album, resulting in the projects disappointing critical and commercial reception.  It's unclear if Chance is saying he disputes whether he ignored Corcoran's advice or he disputes that The Big Day was a commercial and critical flop.  (It was.)

Chance is also seeking $3 million.

The two haven't worked together since April of 2020.



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