DaBaby Sued For Beating Down Guy He rented House From


If DaBaby wants to rent your house, think twice.

Gary Pagar rented his Runyon Canyon, California vacation home to DaBaby in December.  Pager says DaBaby was told to limit guests to 12 and to obey COVID protocols and that there was a condition in the lease that prevented the home from being used for commercial purposes. 

DaBaby ignored all of this and used the home for a video with 40 people.  When Pagar confronted the rapper with his violations of the lease, DaBaby allegedly demanded he not call the police and punched him in the mouth, leaving him bleeding and missing a tooth.  He also stole his phone and taunted Pagar by playing catch with it.

The police did come, but not until DaBaby and his friends stole valuable kitchen wear and broke a security camera and other things.  The total damage was in the thousands. On top of that all, DaBaby still hasn't fully paid for the rental.

Pagar is seeking damages from DaBaby and from his manager Kinsza Virgil

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