DJ Akademiks Speculates On How Much Young Thug's Lawyer Brian Steel Is Going To Make


Young Thug is in big trouble.  He is in jail without bail and facing many years in prison on RICO and a bunch of other charges.

He has hired Brian Steel, one of the top lawyers in Georgia, to represent him in his case against the state.

According to DJ Akademiks, Steele is getting paid.

"These motherf*cking attorneys are getting a bag off these rappers, man," Ak said during a chat with DJ Vlad.. "It's crazy that I know all of these rappers attorneys by first name.  Like, you could imagine the retainer that these guys are getting, bro?"

Vlad then threw out the number one million.

"More than that.  Listen, the guy Brian Steel, I love how he did the interview and said 'listen, I'm going to defend Young Thug with every drop of blood I have.' But how much money you think he's getting out of that?  If he don't get $5 million through this whole process, you crazy."

Lawyers always win.  Here's Steel in action.