Dr. Dre Explains What Happened The First Time He Heard Snoop Dogg

By HHL Editors

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and their G-Funk sound dominated the game in the mid-90s.

In a clip from the upcoming HBO documentary The Defiant Ones, Dre recounts the first time he heard Snoop.

DRE: The first time I heard Snoop, a friend of mine had a bachelor party. I’d met Snoop before that—he was selling drugs—and my stepbrother Warren G pops this tape in. I’m like “That’s Snoop? I’m like, ‘man, this is a fucking diamond in the rough and we need to polish it up!‘" SNOOP: "So it went from that to me receiving a phone call. I hung up. Like, 'nigga, this ain't no motherfucking Dr. Dre.' Nigga called back, like 'Nigga, be at the studio Monday.'" DRE: “So Snoop comes in the studio, I put this track up for him, and he just freestyled it and the shit was super sick. And then the thought of my solo album started becoming a reality.”
The Defiant Ones explores Dre and Jimmy Iovine's long time partnerships. The four-part doc, which features interviews with Eminem, Bono, Nas, Ice Cube and more, premieres July 9th

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