Kyrie Irving Says He Doesn't Give AF About Lebron's Feelings [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

It took a little while, but Kyrie Irving is finally safely in Boston.

The 25-year old's attempts to escape Cleveland and Lebron James had been the biggest story of the NBA offseason.

Since the trade, Irving has been diplomatic when speaking on his former co-star; calling Lebron an all-time great and admitting he learned a lot from him.

But he was pretty blunt today on First Take when asked if he spoke to James before requesting the trade.

"No. Why would have to," Irving said.
Stephen A. Smith  explained that the reason you speak to somebody like Lebron before making such a request is he might take it personally if you don't extend that courtesy.

"Yeah," Kyrie said, bluntly agreeing with Smith. "Do you care about that at all?" Smith wondered. "No," Irving said with a self-satisfied look on his face.
What do you think of Irving's words and how he said it?

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