Lil Wayne Says Assault On Assistant Was Self-Defense


Andrew Williams had been Lil Wayne's assistant.

Then a private jet ride with his boss in June went bad.

According to Williams, who is suing Wayne for assault, Wayne got into an argument with the jet's pilot.

When Williams tried to separate the two, Wayne punched him in the face for his peacemaking.

“The combination of a closed fist and the numerous rings and large jewelry on the hands of [Wayne] caused great harm to [Williams]," reads the lawsuit Williams has filed against Wayne, Young Money and Signature Flight Support.

Williams says he was hospitalized after the punch and shortly after Wayne fired him.  He is seeking damages for physical and emotional damage.

Wayne has responded to the suit with documents claiming any contact he had with Williams was self-defense, that Williams suffered no real injuries, and that he was fired for failing to exercise  “reasonable care and diligence.”

As such, he wants the case thrown out.

The judge has yet to respond to Wayne's filing.

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