Lil Wayne Stays Dedicated On "Dedication 6" Mixtape

By Alox

The time has come. The self proclaimed best rapper alive is back!

Mixtape Weezy is in full effect after having one of the most legendary mixtape discography's in hip hop history. From about 2006-2011 Wayne records flooded the internet, making their way on to various unofficial mixtapes, which many people may argue was instrumental in his success.

Wayne also made sure he gave his fans official drops as well, including his very popular "Da Drought" series and "Dedication" series.

Back on December 6th (D6) Lil Wayne announced his return and fans rejoiced. Today, we receive the best Christmas gift of all, the sixth installment to the legendary "Dedication" series.

As they did with D5, DatPiff assists in the exclusive premiere of this highly anticipated presentation. Don't hesitate to take a trip down memory lane and revisit D4, D3, D2, and the very first Dedication as well.

Back in 2013, on August 30th, Wayne opened up D5 by telling us what Dedication meant to him:

Now-a-days, Dedication means to me - the same thing it meant all the rest of the... whenever, it's the same thing it's always meant man. Just get on the mixtape, have fun, enjoy myself. Say things that I wouldn't say on my album or, you know what I mean (things like that) or an a album... on anyone's album for that case or whatever. Anyway, yeah, dedication still means the same thing; just get on this shit and go crazy and just talk what I want to talk, say what I wanna say... and all the people that's featured on the mixtape, shout out to them anyway. I tell them the same thing, man do what you want, say what you want, let's just have fun, enjoy ourselves, and show people that we could rap. We can make words rhyme. Yeah and it's still dedicated to you fuck-niggas!

We've gotten a taste of what D6 has in store fo us with Wayne's take on 21 Savage's "Bank Account" and JAY-Z's "The Story Of O.J.".

Also, just yesterday, not only was the track listing revealed, but Wayne let us know there were too many songs for just one D6 and that a second D6 will follow! What a way to close out the year. Stay tuned for the rest very soon. Without further a do, here is the fifteen track, first offering:

Does Wayne stick to his Dedicated method? We all get the pleasure to find out now!


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