Watch Man Punch His Attorney In The Face After Receiving 47 Years In Prison

By Benny Franklin

What's another assault charge if you're facing 47 years in prison?

That must have been what was going through 42-year old David Chislton's mind when he was recently sentenced to nearly a half a century in prison. 

Chislton plead guilty to nearly two dozen charges, one for holding his girlfriend hostage at gunpoint and another for burning down his apartment complex. 

For his crimes, Chislton was handed a 47-year prison sentence. Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court (Cleveland, OH) Judge Nancy Margaret Russo was the one who handed down all of those years.

Well, we guess Chislton wasn't feeling his sentence or attorney's effort, as he decided to attack him after being given his sentence. 

In the video released, you can see him look at his attorney, Aaron Brockler, then punch and attack him.

Brockler says that Chislton should have been cuffed with his hands behind him, and he doesn't recall much. 

He was leaning over to tell his client something and then boom was sucker punched and attacked. 


We have a feeling Chislton won't be getting out anytime soon. 

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