Ms. London Says Lil Baby Paid Big Bucks For a Night With Her


Adult film actress Ms. London jumped on Twitter and started talking about a millionaire who piped her down correct.

"The best dick I ever had came from a millionaire who didn't say more than two full sentences to me.  He literally beat me to the mattress soon as i got in the room," she typed.

Then, while claiming she wasn't going to reveal the millionaire's identity, she dropped the name of Lil Baby's girl.

"Not dropping no names, but Jayda not leaving this man ever," she added, bringing up Baby's girlfriend Jayda Cheaves.

She also revealed Baby paid her 16K for her services.  (Perhaps he used some of his gift from his boy James Harden.)

Baby has not commented on the Tweets.  You can see all of the sloppiness below:

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Do you buy Ms. London's story about LIl Baby?

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