Ice Cube Explains How Dr. Dre Made Eazy-E Into A Rapper [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

The HBO documentary The Defiant One has been providing bits and pieces of the N.W.A. origin story.

One of the pieces is the arduous way that Dr. Dre -- with bars from The D.O.C. and MC Ren -- made Eazy-E into a rapper.

"Eazy-E is the godfather of gangster rap," Ice Cube explained in the documentary. "But, you don't have Eazy-E without Dr. Dre." "The way Eazy learned to rap was [that] Dre had patience," DJ Yella added. "Because he was not a rapper, so Dre had to teach him word by word, line by line." "And to see Dre turn this dude into a megastar, is like seeing Dr. Frankenstein work, or some fucking wizard or something," Cube concluded.
Watch Eazy-E's struggles to be a viable emcee below.

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