Now The Game Owes *All* Of His Royalties To Priscilla Rainey & May Go To Jail


In 2016, Priscilla Rainey sued The Game for $10 million for sexually assaulting her when she was a contestant on his VH1 reality show She's Got Game.

Because Game never showed up to court she was awarded $7.1 million.

Then he decided not to pay her.  So the judge gave Rainey Game's record label LA Prolific, which he used to release his last album Born II Rap, and the royalties to Born II Rap. She was also granted the ability to cut off any salary Game was paying himself through the label.

The Game seemed to get around that by giving the label (and many of his other assets) to his social media savvy manager Wack 100.

Now the judge has ruled Rainey will be paid all of Game's royalties from BMI, spanning his career, until the debt is settled. If he tries to circumvent her, he will be thrown in jail for contempt of court.  So far, Rainey has collected $70K so another $7 million to go.

No comment from The Game or Wack as of post.

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