Omari Hardwick Discloses 'Power' Salary; Why He Had to Take Loans From 50 Cent


Omari Hardwick believes his portrayal of Ghost on Power made him the face of Starz.

But he wasn't paid like a face.

"I still haven’t made what I should have made. I still never made the money—no, the money, I never made what I should have made. Never," Harwick said on Pivot. "Period. It's happening now, finally [after Power.]

In fact, Hardwick had to take loans from Power boss 50 Cent -- 20K after the first season and 23K after the next -- to keep it going.

Omari proudly paid Fif back

“I think he forever just really really respects the shit out of me for that, we just not taught that in our community,” Omari explained. “Barely do we pay anybody back.”

As for what I was making ... Hardwick disclosed he was getting 150K an episode.

"Starz, I'm still super humble.  50 and Courtney, I'll thank you forever.  But all of them know, he didn't really make no money," Hardwick expained.

Jump to 49 minutes to hear Omari talk about his Power salary.


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