Pizza Hut's New Shoe Can Order Pizza & Pause T.V.

By Alox

So, it appears Pizza Hut is taking the sneaker avenue very seriously. Today, the "Pie Tops 2.0" (lol) are revealed along with a message:

Last year we made the world's first shoe that ordered pizza. This year, we made the world's second shoe that orders pizza AND that pauses your TV so you won't miss a thing when your March Madness pizza gets delivered.

After making waves last year with the original "Pie Top" which only had the ability to order pizza, the boys at the Hut look to top the first generation of sneakers by adding a feature that will also pause your T.V.

The funniest thing about this whole situation may be that the shoes don't actually look half bad...

The design includes "cheese grater" mesh, extreme "marinara splash" patent leather, and an additional "wheat crust" colorway option.

Peep the epic preview clip below:

I guess it's true. No one out-pizzas The Hut. Especially around March Madness.

Would you rock these?

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