Rich The Kid Sued For Tweeting Lawyers Phone Number On Valentines Day

By Benny Franklin

Rich The Kid can't catch a break.

Last month, Rich was robbed in broad day light and a few months prior, was allegedly beat down by Meek Mill's crew

Now Rich is being sued by his former landlords attorney. 

The attorney, Maro Burunsuzyan just filed suit against Rich, claiming he posted her phone number publicly on his social media. 

According to TMZ, Maro says Rich tweeted on Feb. 14, "Valentines calls me," followed by her personal cellphone number.

Maro says she was hammered with at least 500 text messages and multiple phone calls from Rich the Kid fans who thought they were calling the rapper. 

The tweet has since been deleted. 

Maro's asking a judge for an unspecified amount in damages. 

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