Are RiFF RAFF's Custom Air Jordan 5s Really Going To Sell For A Million?

By HHL Editors

RiFF RAFF will do anything for a buck, including go with you to prom.

But it looks like one of his other outrageous cash grabs might net him some pretty serious scratch. A few weeks ago, the Neon Icon released photos of what he was calling a "Jordan Brand x Neon Icon collaboration." Nike has denied they have anything to do with the custom Air Jordan 5s, but that hasn't stopped RiFF RAFF from putting the prototypes on eBay.

So far, 213 sneakerheads have bid on the kicks, and the price is currently a whooping $1,000,600.

Of course the bid could be a prank. But we've also seen bids like $15,000 and  $96,500 on the way to the seven figure shocker.

What do you think? Any chance the $1,000,600 is legit?

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