Robert Griffin III Was Sexually Mistreated By The Redskin Organization


As part of the investigation that cost Jon Gruden his job, the football team formally known as the Redskins were forced to pay $1.6 million to settle sexual misconduct claims from cheerleaders and front office employees.

Now Robert Griffin III will detail more sexual harassment which was directed toward ... Robert Griffin III.

RG3's wife Grete Griffin took to Twitter to explain that the sexual abuse her husband will detail in his book Surviving Washington was directed at him.

“Let’s clear up a misconception about ‘Surviving Washington’,” Grete Griffin tweeted Wednesday. “In the book, Robert is not talking about other peoples experiences with sexual harassment in Washington. He is talking about his OWN experience with sexual harassment in Washington."

RG3 reiterated that he was the one the victimized in a sexual way.

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