T.I. Sued For Swiping Name "Bankroll Mafia"


In 2015, T.I. formed a rap supergroup called Bankroll Mafia with Young Thug, Shad da God, PeeWee Roscoe, Lil Duke, and London Jae.

They dropped an eponymously titled album in 2016. The project didn't make much of a splash, but it caught the attention of Nicholas Partridge, who is now suing Tip for swiping the name "Bankroll Mafia."

According to the suit,  Partridge came up with the name and the "concept" while he was locked up in 2014 in Gwinnett County. He was in protective custody, and he said he spent a lot of time drawing logos and such. But when he got out, he found that T.I. had taken "Bankroll Mafia" for himself.

How Tip got hold of a prisoner's drawings has not been disclosed, but would seem to be important to the case. Partridge wants $10 million.

So far, T.I. hasn't responded to the suit. If he does, he will probably use big words.  

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