The Crips Are Still Opposing Nipsey Hussle's Family In Trademark Fight


In May, Nipsey Hussle's brother Samiel “Blacc Sam” Asghedom filed a trademark application for Nip's catchphrase "the marathon continues" setting up a bizarre legal fight with Nip's old gang the Crips, who also wanted to trademark the phrase.

When word of the legal skirmish leaked, the Crips -- which are an LLC in addition to being a street gang -- apologized and said they would back off and let Nip's family get the trademark.

However, the Crips never withdraw their application nor their opposition to Nip's family's application like they said they were going to.  So Hussle's estate had to lawyer up and file their own opposition application.

Because the Crips never showed up in court, their application is temporarily abandoned.  Nevertheless, Nip's family is worried that the Crips have stopped cooperating with them and fear a late "gansta" move from the blue team.

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