Trey Songz Responds To Allegations Of Locking Women In Rooms & Peeing On Them


Celina Powell's friend Aliza made some startling allegations against Trey Songz during an interview with NoJumper.

According to Aliza, during her sexual encounter with Songz he peed on her without asking if she was into water play. Which is at best rude and at worst criminal

She also said that Songz confiscated her phone and purse so she couldn't really leave until he allowed her to. She added she knows other girls who have had similar experiences with Songz. [Jump to 1:04]

Songz responded to all of that on Twitter, by posting messages from Aliza propositioning him with nastiness.


He then explained why he did respond.

"I usually stay quiet on this but I feel that in many ways the movement to fight for the women who actually have suffered harassment and abuse on various levels, has been hijacked by those who find it convenient for themselves to come up as they seek to destroy someone’s life.

You will choose 2believe what you want. I’ve been focusing my energy and time on good things and I know the Devil wants my soul more now than ever. Ima keep my head high and push forward. If you holdin me down in these moments I preciate that," he typed.

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