Updated Sales Numbers For Lonzo Ball's ZO2 Released

By HHL Editors

In a new interview, LaVar Ball said he's upping the price for his Big Baller Brand from one billion to three billion. That's a billion for each B.

However, such rapid inflation does not seem to be based on the sales of his son Lonzo's signature Z02 shoes, which dropped almost exactly two weeks ago.

At at least $495 a pop, that does make for $300,000 in sales.

Nothing to sneeze at, although the costs for manufacturing the shoes could be greater than that.

It's doubtful the Balls are going to move many more shoes until the next big test, which will be when Lonzo steps on the court as a pro.

If it goes well, expect sales to jump. But probably not to the point anyone's paying three billion (or one billion) for the company.

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