Lil Yachty Will Drop "Lil Boat 2" Project On March 9th

By Alox

About fifteen hours ago, the self-proclaimed king of the youth, Lil Yachty, announced the release date for his next project, "Lil Boat 2".

He wiped  his Instagram page clean to grab attention for the message:

 Lil Yachty returned from his sixteen-day social media hiatus to announce the date of March 9th.

On February 5th, Yachty warned his followers of this break from social media in order to focus on wrapping up this Quality Control sophomore LP.

As Yachty prepares the sequel, fans remember the first installment of "Lil Boat" that essentially launched his mainstream career. The mixtape featured the viral hit songs "Minnesota" and "1 Night". 

Following Yachty’s rise, he continued to make his way into the media as the poster child for the new generation of hip-hop which had sparked both hate from hip-hop heads around the world, yet appeal from the newer generation of hip-hop fans. 

Yachty said he was devastated by the sales of his debut album, "Teenage Emotions" which sold less than 50,000 copies in its first week. He blamed the label for making him change up his approach to the album, so fans can expect Yachty to go back to his roots on this next one.

Love him or hate him, he's on his way back to spread more of his music and the message he portrays.

Who's anticipating this one?

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