NBA YoungBoy Was Arrested For pretending To Be Doctor & Done in By Saying "Axe"


We have more information on why the already house-arrested NBA YoungBoy was arrested again in Utah this week.

According to the Feds, YB pretended to be a doctor to get prescriptions.

They caught him partly because he said "axe" instead of "ask" while impersonating a female doctor named Gwendolyn Cox.

“'Gwendolyn' sounded as though she was a much younger male from the Southern states. Gwendolyn made a statement 'well I axed her to and she said that she’ll have you call me.' This statement was a response to a request that was made to have 'Gwendolyn' contact Dispatch and have them transfer her call back through. … (I have) lived in the Southern United States, the terminology in replacing the word 'ask' with 'axe' or other variations, is consistent with a Southern dialect in states such as Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and other southern states,” the affidavit reads.

Erik Stewart, one of the pharmacists YB tried to trick, was also suspicious that doctors were calling in scripts for cough syrup, as that would usually be the nurse's job.

YB is now facing 63 new charges, including  20 counts of identity fraud, 20 counts of obtaining a prescription under false pretenses, and 20 counts of forgery.

He was already awaiting federal trial on gun charges.

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