Pop Smoke Arrested for Jacking Rolls Royce


New York drill rapper Pop Smoke has been starting to make a national name for himself.

His efforts to look the part have now lead to a serious criminal charge.

Smoke was arrested today at JFK Airport in New York City on the way home from Paris Fashion Week for stealing a 2019 Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Here's what happened:

Smoke met the car's owner in LA in November. The owner agreed to lend Smoke the car for a day so he could use it in a video. In exchange, the owner would get VIP treatment at an upcoming show.

However, Smoke never returned the car and took it back with him to New York.  He flexed the car on social media (since deleted), and the owner eventually tracked it down using GPS.

Smoke is being charged by the Feds for transporting a stolen vehicle. He will be arraigned today in Brooklyn.

 The 20-year old has a thing for cars.  We recently learned from 50 Cent that Smoke had also borrowed for one of his videos the Bugatti French Montana eventually financed.  Pop obviously gave that one back.  Although after Fif was done with French, Montana probably wishes he hadn't.

So far, no word from Pop's camp on the arrest.

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